You may wonder what the front picture has to do with microfinance?
Obviously loans are not made for children and defintily children should not be used for any labor at all. That is exactly what microfinance can achieve.

During the visits I made, the people I talked to, whether it has been Zidisha borrowers, Volunteer Mentors, friends or other international volunteers, the topic of schooling, education and child labor was often discussed.
Often parents don’t have the money to pay for their childrens school expenses and even if they wish to send their children to school they can’t. Despite a free primary education policy launched by the governement, many parents lack the means to pay for other expenses, such as books, uniform or transport. Some children in Kenya may therefore not even get the chance to obtain a primary education, not to mention a secondary school degree.

Profitable loans may give the chance to parents, or other family members, to enhance their business, earn higher incomes and allows them to send their children to school.
“You always first look at your children. […] and it is not that we are not aware of the importance of education, but often we just don’t have the means.” a Zidisha borrower told me.
So far, most of the borrowers I spoke with used the earned profit and spent it for their childrens or younger siblings education.


Thus microfinance is not only able to boost someones business, to help the economy for now, but is a tool to reach sustainable growth, as human capital rises and new trained individuals enter the market, that can use their capacity, spread ideas and knowledge to further enhance growth.



  1. They say education is the key ton success and definately no shortcuts in life..I want to officially thank you theresa and your team for a job well done in opening our(kenyans) thinking scope in terms of sustainability and certain loan schemes employed to mmake life easier particularly for children and of course for the future!
    Congratulations ya’ll for making this a success!

    Best regards,
    Dibblex Lesalon.

  2. I am inspired.

    Thank you for the noble sacrifice.

    I have learnt that a simple improvement in business earnings helps the Kenyan parent educate a child for the future.

    God bless Zidisha.

  3. May it be well with you ,when you help the little ones you touch GOD instantly because they are an image of GOD .
    Thanks continue the good work
    be blessed

  4. I thought it was a joke when i was introduced by a friend.To my surprise a miracle happened and found it a reality.Keep it up and God bless you richly ZIDISHA TEAM.

  5. I will be happy to take part in transforming the community for better economy and self dependence as we fight poverty.

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